Hello and Welcome to Lehmann Podcast #074 – Michael Schwarz!

‘Passion is the driving gear.’ DJ, Producer, Live-Act and Label Owner Michael Schwarz stands for music with passion and love for the detail. His carrer starts 2007 with his first hard techno releases at Globaltraxx Records. With the time his sound changed to rolling kicks, deep basses, spheric waves with many variations of rides and hats. Michael Schwarz released his tracks at Hard Drive Records, Naked Lunch, Praxxiz, TKR, SWR, 43 Recordings, CREDO, Remute, Protect Records, Blind Spot Music, Brickwork, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Android Muziq, ReWashed, Elektrax Recordings, Hidden Records, Vilena Records, Gynoid Audio, Black Plastic, HouzeSlave Records and many more. He had several collaborations with artists like Alex Bau, Gary Beck, Justin Berkovi, Angel Alanis, Adam Jay, Torsten Kanzler, Remute, Matt K, Virgil Enzinger, Luis Flores, Ryuji Takeuchi, A. Brothers, Plankton & Trebor and many more.

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