Passion is the driving gear.

About me

Born in the old east Germany, short before the fall of the wall, I grew up in a small village far away from big cities, metropoles or conurbation.
Normal childhood, no special fellow human beings, no perspective and no direct goals in sight. With the move to northern Germany in 2003, my focus on my own life changed and solidified.

I am obsessed - obsessed with perfection and emotion. Both in music and in photography I want to reach the best possible. In 2013, after I got to know a lot of photographers in the club world, I bought my first own equipment.
My eyes on my environment and my fellow men has changed. My passion is the sensual, coupled with a touch of eroticism, sadness and depressive or thoughtful emotions. It's the passion for details, the urge of resistance and the love for versatility...


I am cooperating with a very skilled and recognized make-up artist and hair stylist to obtain best results and getting the most self-confidence of a model. Nuzalei Kuramagomedova is responsible for the styling behind my shots and is always bringing a relaxed mood behind the scene and the set.

The passion for the career of make-up artists and hair stylists awakened her inner desire to turn her passion into a profession. Therefore, she decides to go to the elite school for make-up artists and stylists in Moscow.

With a successful conclusion she is now following her predestination.


I'm allways looking for new faces to create new works. Please send your application with a short introduction and a few polaroids and your previous works if you feel addressed and like to play out some nice ideas.