Greaseman is out now!  It has already been some time since my last release on Micro.Fon back in 2019. I decided to send out long dormant creations into the wild and here you go with “Greaseman“ – a person who opens possibilities and facilitates paths. Greaseman stands for the future […]

Struktur Podcast #013

Struktur Podcast is presenting Michael Schwarz, who is back in the business after his long break. 4 years ago his “She Doesn’t Ask For“ was hitting the clubs and it was just a matter of time that he gets back to music. With his set he is also testing some […]


What a depressing atmosphere. With mixed feelings, I entered the Suicide Circus and did not know whether to rejoice or cry. A completely surreal moment to see so many familiar faces again, even if the occasion was a sad one. I was allowed to perform together with Alhek the closing […]

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